Regarding the imprisonment of our werken, Mijael Carbone Queipul, we declare:

1. Confronting and territorially disputing the corporative power of the forestry industry –CMPC, Arauco and others– has disastrous “legal” consequences in Chile. Its “owners” have accumulated this power from the times of dictator Augusto Pinochet to current President Gabriel Boric, totally permeating the political-administrative system of the State at all levels, from the executive branch down to municipalities, schools, colleges, etc., including “legal indigenous communities” and former Mapuche leaders, especially beginning with Sebastian Piñera’s first administration.

2. Evidently, any Mapuche organizations and leaders who advance in this direction face criminalization and prison – for now. Mijael Carbone is one of those who faces these consequences today.

3. The struggle of the political prisoners of the Mapuche movement has earned victories such as the implementation of the so-called “Comunero Unit,” which consists of a differentiated status with respect to the rest of the common prison population. However, this Government has inexplicably denied this recognition to our werken and blocked his transfer to this unit. The order to keep Mijael among the common prisoners has come straight from the Ministry of Justice.

This action shows what we have always claimed regarding the influence and pressure of interest groups in the legal case against our werken. The spectacular nature of the police contingent and the sophisticated, heavy weaponry used in his arrest, also reveal the interests of public-private collusion in this case. Both Minister Tohá and Undersecretary Monsalve seek to appear “successful” in the eyes of those who destroy and plunder nature.

4. As a show of support and solidarity towards our brother’s role, his contributions and his characterization as a Mapuche person (ta ñi chegen), we call for a visit to the Temuco Prison at 9 AM on October 25. Although a committee is making the formal call on the ground, know that we will not be able to reach everyone, so this note also serves that purpose.

5. Mass media owned by corporative mafia and cartels such as the newspaper called “Ex-Ante,” La Tercera and El Mercurio, have already answered the question: Who is Mijael Carbone? We will only say that he is an honest, solidary, kind and respectful person. A fighter with great humility regarding who he is, and never displaying arrogance or authoritarianism. Those of us who know him in every place he has been can vouch for him.

6. Finally, we call on all those who prefer to express their solidarity with our brother Mijael through the struggle and direct sabotage actions against the interests of capital that destroys our ecosystem in Wallmapu, they have total and complete freedom of action!

Forestry Industry: Out of the Wallmapu!!

Freedom to our werken Mijael Carbone, a prisoner in the struggle!

End the whitewashing of CMPC and Arauco, and reject the crumbs they offer!!

Comunicaciones PuLofMapuXawün