A FRATERNAL ALLIANCE WITH THE PEOPLE OF CHILE: A call to gather at the Temuco Criminal Court on October 21

Public statement by the Mapuche Territorial Alliance (ATM) regarding Chile’s current social and political crisis.

1. For more than two centuries – since Chile declared its “independence” as a state – the Mapuche nation has not only continuously resisted and demanded its existence to be recognized, but it has also aspired to develop a healthy coexistence, mutual understanding, and alliance with the poor among the Chilean people. However, every time such an alliance has seen the light, powerful forces take action to divide and conquer, whether they be dressed as merchants, intermediaries, traffickers of human suffering, or politicians.

2. Upholding the due respect between nations, we salute the great display of disobedience the Chilean people are exercising at this time. Disobedience in the face of the powers of wealth, embodied in the Head of State himself, who cowardly patrols the streets of Chile with tanks and rifles taking aim at a disarmed nation. We hope such rebel impulse continues to grow and strengthen with the goal of dismantling existing social and territorial inequities, which day after day make the rich even richer and the poor even more in debt.

3. If your struggle opens up to also embrace the struggle for land protection, the struggle against water privatization and plundering, the struggle against ecological destruction in the hands of the mining and forestry industries, and the call for the ocean to belong to all, we can then identify a common enemy and imagine a future together in solidarity, moved by the common causes that unite us.

4. This Monday, October 21 the trial against Logko (Mapuche traditional authority) Alberto Curamil and werken (spokesperson) Alvaro Millalen will begin. We will defend our brothers from a false accusation, for which the Chilean government is asking for a 50-year prison sentence.

5. We will convene outside of the Temuco Criminal Court starting at 9am in order to show support for our leaders. We invite all mobilized Chilean and Mapuche people with the purpose of starting a dialogue about the shared concerns that connect our demands for a better future.

Mapuche musician Portavoz will join in solidarity. We make a call to all other artists who wish to be part of the activity to join.

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